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We follow a six step process to ensure your car gets the most effective remap possible so as to give you a vastly improved driving experience and fuel economy.

Step 1

Full Vehicle Health Check

We visually check key components under the bonnet and undertake a full diagnostic check to main dealer standards to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition prior to remapping.

Step 2

Creating A Back Up Copy

A full copy of your existing ECU’s software is made, labelled carefully, backed up and stored for easy access should your vehicle ever require a restore to its original factory state.

Step 3

 The Remap Process

A Dynomap expert engineer analyses the data from your ECU and adjusts it to create effectively new software (or map) that will make the desired improvements to your vehicle’s power, torque, drivability, fuel economy and likely CO2 emissions.

Step 4

Map Upload

The new map is uploaded to your ECU to transform your vehicle’s performance.

Step 5

Road Test And Diagnostic Check

We road test your vehicle and undertake another diagnostic check to ensure your remap is making the expected difference to your vehicle.

Step 6

Your New Driving Experience

We hand you your keys and invite you to go for a drive and experience for yourself how the Dynomap service has transformed your vehicle.

Our Remapping Process


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