We all take the traffic jams, the middle-lane holders and the confusing roundabouts with a pinch of salt when driving, but there are some things you can change to improve your driving experience. By trying our performance tuning in Bromley from our team at the tuning one, you’ll see an instant difference in the way your car drives.

You may be thinking, ‘my car isn’t cut out for a performance upgrade, it’s too slow’. Performance doesn’t just mean speed and torque, it means accommodating your vehicle around your driving style and helping to improve the efficiency of your fuel.

Gear changes, heavy braking and prolonged revving can all cause your car to use more fuel, but with our performance tuning in Bromley, you can make your ride smoother. We will iron out the acceleration lapses in your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) and alter the gear thresholds to suit the way you drive.

With our expert team of performance tuners in Bromley, you’ll be open to a selection of performance upgrades. These will do more than just increase your BHP, but flatten out acceleration flat spots and deliver power to your wheels quicker.

We use a three-stage performance tuning and we will work with you to find the perfect tune-up for your vehicle and driving style.

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