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Vehicle Remapping FAQ


Whats involved in remapping my vehicle?

Your vehicle has an electronic ‘brain’ called an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) loaded with software that controls many of your car’s engine functions and settings. Our specialist software replaces that already on your ECU; the different settings it incorporates bring about the improvements to your vehicle’s performance and drivability discussed in the ‘services’ section of this website. You don’t ‘burn your boats’ in having settings to your vehicle’s ECU altered as we make a back up of the original software and store it securely so as to reinstall it to your ECU if ever this is required. It’s much like making a back up of your computer or smartphone.

Do I need to inform my insurance company?

Yes. It’s your responsibility to advise your insurance company of any changes made to your vehicle.

Why don’t the manufactures tune vehicles the way you do?

They do - just in different ways. Many manufacturers often offer different power versions of the same engine, and these differences are often purely created by the engine being tuned and mapped differently. For example, the Ford 2.2 TDCi diesel engine is offered in at least four different power output guises yet it’s exactly the same engine. In the interests of standardisation saving on production costs, it’s more financially effective for a manufacturer to provide just one engine mapped to different power output options.

Can the main dealer detect my remap and will it affect my warranty?

In most cases the answer is no. Because we always save a copy of your vehicle’s original ECU software, we can return your car’s ECU to standard "factory settings" before you take it in for a service or warranty work.

What if the main dealer gives my vehicle a software update?

This can happen usually when the manufacturer introduces an update applicable to certain models. Your dealer’s software update would overwrite the Dynomap software much like when you update the operating system software on your computer or smartphone, but don’t worry; we’ll gladly reinstall the Dynomap software free of charge. If we have to remove your vehicle’s ECU as opposed to updating it in situ there might be a small cost - we’ll advise you of this before starting work.

Does my remap carry a warranty?

Yes, we provide a lifetime warranty on our software covering malfunctions and corruptions.

Can a remap be reversed?

Yes, we can return your vehicle to its original settings anytime. As said above, we back up, label and store your original ECU software so its always available to reinstall.

Will remapping my vehicle affect the longevity of the engine?

No as we only increase power within the parameters of what the engine is capable of and what the car overall can handle. If certain hardware components require upgrading such as the turbo charger or exhaust to cope with differing power requirements, we’d advise you accordingly beforehand when discussing your requirements. We’ve remapped cars of all ages and types - some with over 200,000 miles on the clock - and they continue to give reliable service. Your driving style is the one factor that can potentially shorten the life of an engine; drive excessively hard constantly and engine life will be reduced whether it’s been remapped or not.

I only drive a basic runabout; can a remap really make any difference?

Absolutely! Remapping isn’t purely about ‘extra power’ for performance’s sake. Increased power can help you make the most of your engine in terms of improved acceleration and responsiveness so making it easier and more enjoyable to drive. Extra power can improve your safety as you’ve got a little extra oomph to get out of trouble when required, and you don’t suffer at the pumps; in fact the reverse is true as our remapping service reduces fuel consumption - especially the Dynomap economy tune.

Can I be confident in letting you work on my prestige car?

Certainly! We’re experienced in working on a wide range of cars from many different manufacturers as diverse as Aston Martin, BMW, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, Ford and Dacia. We can work on vehicles from some 99% of manufacturers which includes plenty of high performance and prestige marques. We’ve over 60 years’ specialist collective experience to draw from, use the latest in diagnostic and remapping equipment, and offer a true bespoke service tailored to your requirements. Any more questions? Get in touch now and we’d be delighted to help.

You may well have some questions before deciding to go ahead with a remap and tune up. Here are the most common ones our customers ask us; feel free to get in touch if your question isn’t answered below and to discuss your specific requirements.


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